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Voters favour key social issues but not long gun registry

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Pluralities or majorities favour the progressive position on all of a selection of hot button social issues, with the exception of bringing back the long gun registry.

Cumming leads for Conservatives in Edmonton Centre

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4-in-10 will vote for the Conservative candidate, James Cumming (40%), while about 3-in-10 or just fewer will vote NDP (Gil McGowan - 30%) or Liberal (Randy Boissonault - 27%).

Conservatives lead in St Albert-Edmonton

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Close to 4-in-10 will vote for Michael Cooper, the Conservative candidate (38%), while the incumbent, independent Brent Rathgeber, will take 3-in-10 (29%).

One tenth of small businesses used as tax shelters

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3-in-10 have small businesses (29%), and these are slightly more likely to be what is termed a micro-business (one to four employees - 17%), than “small” small businesses (five to 99 employees - 12%).

Conservatives, Liberals tie, NDP falls back

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Exactly equal proportions, about 3-in-10, will vote either for the Conservatives or the Liberals in the upcoming election (31% each).

Dead heat in Etobicoke Centre

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About 4-in-10, will vote for the Conservative incumbent, Ted Opitz (42%), and the man he best in 2011, Liberal Borys Wrzsenewskyj (43%).

Liberals lead in Etobicoke-Lakeshore

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More than 4-in-10 will vote for the Liberal candidate, James Maloney (41%) while one third will support the Conservative incumbent, Bernard Trottier (33%).

Two thirds approve decision not to bid on Olympics

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Fully two thirds approve of Mayor Tory’s decision not to bid on the Olympics (66%), and this is equally common in the city of Toronto (69%) and in the surrounding regions (65%).

Winner of Thursday’s debate; none of the above

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More than half saw or heard something of the debate (56%), and among these, the clear winner was “none of them” (30%), followed by a tie between Stephen Harper (23%) and Justin Trudeau (22%).

Support for Bill C-51 split evenly

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4-in-10 support Bill C-51, the new anti-terror legislation (41%) while just fewer oppose the bill (37%).