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Majority, including union members, approve of Bill C-377

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Two thirds (62%) approve of Bill C-377, the legislation which requires unions to disclose expenditures and salaries.

Federal Conservatives surge; tied with NDP

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Exactly equal proportions, one third each, will vote for the New Democrats or the Conservatives (32% each) if a federal election were held today.

Liberal child benefit proposal preferred

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The plurality, close to one half, preferred the Liberal’s proposal for an income-tested child care benefit (47%),

Majority are likely to switch their vote to support legal pot

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The majority (53%) say they are likely to switch their vote to support a politician or party which promises to legalize marijuana, and fully one third are “very likely” (34%).

NDP lead slips slightly

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Just fewer than one third will vote NDP if the federal election were held today (32%) and this represents a drop from their high of more than a third noted last week (June 23 - 36%).

US court ruling boosts approval of same sex marriage in Canada

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7-in-10 approve of same sex marriage (70%).

Canadians split on Bill C-51

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Almost equal proportions support (39%) and oppose (41%) Bill C-51, the new anti-terrorism legislation.

Majority will switch vote to see Bill C-51 repealed

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The majority (52%) are likely to switch their vote to support a party or politician who will repeal Bill C-51, and as many as one third are “very likely” to do so (34%).

NDP consolidates hold on first place

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Well more than a third will vote NDP if a federal election were held today (36%), while just more than a quarter would vote either Liberal or Conservative (28% each).

Old age pension, CPP, pharmacare and housing are key election issues

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The election issues which are seen to be most likely to sway votes are returning the age for OAS to 65 from 67, increasing Canada Pension Plan contributions and benefits, creating a national drug plan and building affordable housing.