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Four in ten carry personal debt

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Just more than 4-in-10 carry personal debt (besides a mortgage - 42%). Close to half have no debt (48%).

Majority, including union members, approve of Bill C-377

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Two thirds (62%) approve of Bill C-377, the legislation which requires unions to disclose expenditures and salaries.

Federal Conservatives surge; tied with NDP

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Exactly equal proportions, one third each, will vote for the New Democrats or the Conservatives (32% each) if a federal election were held today.

Liberal child benefit proposal preferred

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The plurality, close to one half, preferred the Liberal’s proposal for an income-tested child care benefit (47%),

Majority are likely to switch their vote to support legal pot

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The majority (53%) say they are likely to switch their vote to support a politician or party which promises to legalize marijuana, and fully one third are “very likely” (34%).

NDP lead slips slightly

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Just fewer than one third will vote NDP if the federal election were held today (32%) and this represents a drop from their high of more than a third noted last week (June 23 - 36%).

US court ruling boosts approval of same sex marriage in Canada

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7-in-10 approve of same sex marriage (70%).

Canadians split on Bill C-51

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Almost equal proportions support (39%) and oppose (41%) Bill C-51, the new anti-terrorism legislation.

Majority will switch vote to see Bill C-51 repealed

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The majority (52%) are likely to switch their vote to support a party or politician who will repeal Bill C-51, and as many as one third are “very likely” to do so (34%).

NDP consolidates hold on first place

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Well more than a third will vote NDP if a federal election were held today (36%), while just more than a quarter would vote either Liberal or Conservative (28% each).