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Support for marijuana legalization steady at more than half

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The majority favour the legalization of marijuana (53%).

Trudeau seen as debate winner by slight margin

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Two thirds watched or heard some of the federal leaders’ debate on August 6 (66%).

Two thirds see UCCB as election ploy only

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Trudeau père reigns in our hearts

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One quarter said that, of the past 6 elected Prime Ministers, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was the best (25%).

Federal NDP maintain healthy lead

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More than one third will vote NDP in the coming federal election (34%).

Two thirds approve of abortion pill

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Two thirds (62%) approve of the “abortion pill” RU 486 being approved for use in Canada, while fewer than one fifth disapprove(18%).

Majority disapproves of early election call

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The majority disapproves of the early election call leading to an 11 week campaign (59%).

NDP leads in first post-writ poll

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As many as 4-in-10 will vote NDP in the coming election (39%) and this represents a sharp increase from last week (June 28 - 33%)

Federal Conservatives rebound

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Equal proportions, a third each, will vote for the federal Conservatives or the NDP if the election were held today (33% each).

Most think Trudeau “resume” ad will prompt liberal votes

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Two thirds have seen the Conservative Party TV ad in which a group of people discuss Justin Trudeau’s resumé (67%), although this increases to close to 8-in-10 Anglophones (78%).