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Two thirds agree with Iraq mission and goals

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Roughly two thirds approve the mission to fight ISIS in Iraq and agree that ISIS must be confronted overseas, that the Islamic State is a direct threat to Canada and that new anti-terrorism laws are needed in Canada.

Minority expect Ebola outbreak in Canada

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One quarter think an Ebola outbreak is likely in Canada, but just one twentieth say it's "very likely" (6%).

Conservatives catch up to Liberals

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Just more than one third will vote Liberal if the election were held today (36%), while just one third will vote Conservative (33%), and this is a virtual tie at this sample size.

All tied up in Whitby-Oshawa. Second place Liberals surge in in Yellowhead.

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The Liberals and Conservatives are tied in the Ontario riding while the second place Liberal candidate has surged in Alberta.

Liberals close gap in Whitby-Oshawa. Conservatives with strong lead in Yellowhead.

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The Liberals are closing in on the Conservatives in the Ontario riding, while, in Alberta, they are in distant second place, along with the NDP.

Conservatives lead in Whitby-Oshawa

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In the federal riding of Whitby-Oshawa, where a by-election will be held on November 17th, the Conservative candidate, Pat Perkins, has more than 4-in-10 votes (41%) to about one third for her Liberal counterpart, Celina Caesar-Chavannes (32%). The NDP candidate would be supported by 15%.

One half of Canadians are NHL fans

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Just more than one half (53%) are NHL hockey fans, which may represent as many as 14 million fans across the country.

A Discussion on Survey Weights

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There has been much discussion over the Forum Poll’s recent Toronto mayoral poll which showed Doug Ford closing the gap on John Tory. To respond to this discussion a brief examination on the statistical methods of survey weighting is required.

Liberal lead tightens again as nation goes to war

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Close to 4-in-10 will vote Liberal if the federal election were held today (38%), compared to just more than a third who will vote Conservative (34%).

Eisenberger with mayoral lead in Hamilton

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Just more than one quarter will vote for Fred Eisenberger for mayor in the upcoming municipal election (26%), compared to a sixth who will vote for Brad Clark (17%). Eisenberger has twice the support of Brian McHattie (12%) or any other candidates (11%).