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Federal Liberals, Conservatives almost tied

| Filed under: National

One third or just fewer will vote either for the Conservatives (31%) or the Liberals (34%) if a federal election were held today.

Two thirds favour beer and wine in grocery stores

| Filed under: Ontario

Two thirds approved of the plan to sell beer and wine in grocery stores (64%), while 3-in-10 disapprove (30%).

PCs with solid lead on provincial Liberals

| Filed under: Ontario

One third will vote Progressive Conservative if the election were held today (34%, down from 39% last month), while fewer than 3-in-10 will vote Liberal (29%).

Tory approval high

| Filed under: Toronto

Almost three quarters (72%) approve of the job John Tory is doing as mayor.

4-in-10 want to see SRT turned into a park

| Filed under: Toronto

4-in-10 would like to see the aging Scarborough Rapid Transit line turned into an elevated urban park (like New York City’s High Line Park - 39%).

One half agree it is impossible to build on time, on budget in Toronto

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One half agree with the proposition that it is impossible to complete large public projects in Toronto on time and on budget (48%).

‘Scrambles’ seen to be good for pedestrians, not motorists

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3-in 10 have used pedestrian scrambles as a pedestrian (31%), just fewer have used them as a motorist (26%) and fewer than a fifth have used them from both sides of the windshield (17%).

Majority want Toronto to zone & regulate pot production

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The majority, close to 6-in-10, think Toronto should follow Mississauga’s lead and start licensing, zoning and regulating medical marijuana production facilities (59%).

Majority favour new Honest Ed’s retail and housing development

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The majority approve of the retail and housing development proposed for the Honest Ed’s site at Bloor and Bathurst (57%).

Billy Bishop airport preferred to Pearson

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One half have flown in or out only from Pearson International in the past year (52%), one tenth have flown only in and out of Billy Bishop City Centre Airport (9%) and about one tenth have flown from both (13%).